Need an Additional Telephone Socket ?

Telephone Engineer Ipswich can assist if you need a new extension adding to an existing Telephone System and advise if you have the capacity on the system to enable you to do this.

We can help if you need to add a new socket or move an existing socket which will enable you to move your staff around the building to new locations.

  1. We can add extensions to an existing telephone system
  2. We can repair faulty extensions
  3. If you need us to move an existing extension to a new office we can help
  4. We can replace faulty sockets on the wall due to damage or wear and tear


Telephone Engineer Ipswich specialise in installing new extensions and help you deal with telephone line problems. Contact us to speak to an advisor for more information.

If you need additional Cat5e points installing around your building we have Telephone Engineers who will be able to attend site and offer advice, we have engineers throughout the Ipswich area who will be able to install any extra Cat5 sockets you may need.

Telephone Engineers Ipswich offer a full range of Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 products including shielded and unshielded cabling systems. We also undertake fault finding, adds moves changes and recertification of existing cabling systems.


We have Telephone Engineers in the Ipswich area on call 24-7 please call for more information.

We can assist any business with :-

  • Upgrading an existing phone system
  • Repairing a phone systems on site
  • Moving premises / relocating an existing phone system
  • The installation and planning of a brand new phone system

Telephone Engineers Ipswich are on call 24-7 if you need an engineer please call and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.